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Upcoming Balloon Classes 

I started my event planning journey just going on three short years now, and with hard work and dedication, we have done our first six-figure year in sales. Many interested in getting into this industry come to me with questions and looking for training. While I am always open to sharing knowledge, imagine how busy we have been to reach those numbers in three years. However, the one thing I love most about this journey is teaching and sharing my knowledge with others interested in jumping into this exciting world of event planning. So, I have set aside time for columns and conversations. While most of my Balloon classes are specific to what we are building, Balloon Columns and conversation will be an open book; ask any questions you like and a hands-on build to go along with that. 

While our 3-day Balloon lock-in will be a event class like no other.

We will eat, drink and breath balloons for 3-days. 

If you are interested in event planning, this is for you.
This is for you if you struggle to get to the next level.
If you are nosey about event planning, this is for you and your nosey friend. 


It's time to level up

Your Balloon Business has the potential to blow up as big as you would like; you need the right tools to blow it up.

The salaries of Balloon Artists in the US range from $18,780 to $147,890, with a median salary of $76,150. The middle 60% of Balloon Artists make $76,150, and the top 80% earn $147,890.

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