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Vegas Balloon Blogger: Navigating the Balloon Education Landscape- Should I Take a Balloon Class

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Embarking on a journey into balloon artistry can be exciting and daunting. With various options like Balloon School, Balloon Classes, and Conventions, finding the right path for your goals is crucial. Having personally experienced these avenues, I'll share insights to help you navigate this vibrant industry.


*Balloon School/Mentorship Program: A Comprehensive Journey*

Balloon training school
Classic Decor at Balloon School

Balloon School or a Mentorship Program provides a holistic approach for those seeking an all-encompassing exploration of balloon artistry. My six-day initiation at the Balloon Training Institute in Sherville, Tennessee, offered an immersive experience covering everything from basic balloon techniques to classic decor (pictured) to advanced decor techniques. Including crucial aspects like pricing and marketing sets these programs apart, making them ideal for those envisioning a full-fledged balloon business.

- *Cost:* Balloon Training Institute: $1200 + additional expenses. [Learn more](

- *Online Option:* $98/month. [Explore here](

*Balloon Classes: Specialized Knowledge*

Balloon Classes excel in providing specialized knowledge for individuals focused on specific designs or themes. These classes and workshops, commonly now referred to by the distributors who sponsor them as education tours, are perfect for refining skills like creating mesmerizing garlands or captivating balloon trees. However, many of these classes will tell you they will teach you the balloon business from beginning to end, which is impossible to do over one or two days. I teach two-day classes and can only teach so much in two days. My training at the institute lasted six days, and there was still so much more to learn.

Las Vegas Balloon class
My students. Some who flew all the way from Canada to learn from me

The key takeaway is that thorough research is essential; make sure you ask what the class's skill level should be to maintain the content and familiarize yourself with the techniques as much as possible before you go. I know this sounds counterproductive, but those familiar with what was being taught retained the information better; it can be as simple as watching some YouTube videos and practicing. Study the trainer's designs and ensure what you want to learn is what they teach.

*Personal Experience:*

balloon class
Me at the Brillant with Balloons Tour in Chicago

For some reason, we don't get many balloon training tours to make their way to the Las Vegas area, so since Chicago is my hometown, I attend as many trainings there and stay with family to cut down on the cost. I've had the pleasure of attending two education tours in Chicago: the Balloon Coach Summer tour, which offered a lot of familiar designs but a wealth of business management tips. At the same time, the Brilliant with Balloons Tour by Sempertex focused on innovative designs that were new to me and even provided every attendee with a recipe book for every technique taught throughout the tour, which added an extra layer of value.

- *Cost:* Varies: I paid $150 for each class/workshop. However, most of these tours only go to certain cities, so be prepared to cover the cost of hotel and transportation.

*Conventions: Lessons in Research*

Conventions offer a broader experience, but careful research is crucial. My experience at the Bling Bling convention in Las Vegas taught me the importance of aligning the convention's focus with my skills. The conversation was geared towards balloon twisting, and while the networking and vendor opportunities were valuable, understanding the convention's content beforehand is critical to maximizing your investment.

Balloon school
One of the little designs I learned at bling bling jam

- *Personal Lesson:* Paid $400 for a 4-day convention but attended only one day due to a mismatch in skills and content.

*Choosing the Right Path for You*

Your choice between Balloon School/Balloon Class, Mentorship, or Conventions should align with your goals. If you seek specialized knowledge, a targeted class may be sufficient. However, consider a balloon school or ongoing program for a comprehensive education with mentorship. Research reputable options, read reviews, and seek recommendations from fellow balloon artists.

In your balloon education journey, assessing your goals is paramount. Whether you opt for specialized classes or a comprehensive program, investing in balloon education is essential for industry success. Dedication, practice, and continuous learning can transform your passion for balloons into a thriving business. So, take the next step, choose wisely, and let your balloon journey unfold confidently.

Are you looking for a mentorship? Join me virtually and in person.

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